Varmark is your single source for outsourced IT services. The technical expertise our staff brings to the table is unparalleled. All members of our technical staff have attained IBM certifications, so we understand the technology inside and out. We have the resources and expertise to provide professional support for any facet of your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Hardware Refresh/Upgrades: The Varmark team is comprised of hardware re-hosting experts. We can successfully redeploy your applications onto new high-powered IBM System P and AIX systems. By refreshing old hardware with new hardware, maintenance costs and Total Cost of Ownership can be dramatically reduced.
  • Storage Solutions: When you experience exponential data growth, data storage and management can be an overwhelming challenge. Varmark relies on IBM storage solutions to open up more efficient storage methods. We offer disk, tape, and virtual storage management systems to ensure that you are able to stay organized as your data booms.
  • System Security: As important as it is to have innovative technology, it is equally important to protect it. Varmark offers all forms of system security, including data encryption, user authentication, and system integrity. Our team of data security experts will ensure that your data meets all integrity and compliance standards, while preventing against any breaches.
  • Disaster Recovery: Not only will our disaster recovery plan help you recover from any setback (power outage, natural disaster, system breakdown), but our proactive plan will keep you prepared for a future occurrence.
  • Networking: From constructing a new network, to configuring an existing one, to adding supporting equipment, Varmark has the networking expertise to get you where you want to go. A reliable network is critical for businesses that are constantly evolving. Varmark offers the latest in WAN support to ensure smooth IT operations.
  • Cloud Computing: We have a data center with secure card-key entrance, redundant power, redundant Internet connections, waterless fire extinguishers, encrypted data transmission, and a team of support professionals to keep things running smoothly. In addition to hosting your server, Varmark provides a daily backup into the cloud and retains 2 weeks of your data on premises.